Why beach cruisers are the perfect bikes to hire on the Gold Coast

We get asked all the time by people who have never ridden them "What's the go with hiring beach cruiser bikes? Why do people on the Gold Coast love them so much?"

We proudly hire 'Electra' beach cruiser bikes, widely regarded as the best cruisers available. Our beach cruisers for hire are designed for comfortable, easy, all-day cruising on the Gold Coast.

The soft saddle seat keeps your backside cushioned for long rides, and the high, wide handlebars keep you sitting upright and free from backache. 

The big wheels and 3 speed gears are ideal for cruising our long, flat stretch of Gold Coast coastline.

Hire of our beach cruiser bikes come with a bike lock, a helmet, and an optional basket for storage.

"Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling"

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