School holidays are for surfing

School holidays are for surfing

We hear it all the time... You’ve come to the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast for a holiday in winter and you didn’t bring your board because it was one extra thing to carry that probably won’t get used because it’s going to be too cold. When you arrive you do a lap along the coastline, see how clear and inviting our winter surf is, it’s 22° in the water, and you and you little groms are busting to get out there!

That’s where we come in.

Give us a call to discuss our range of surfboards, beginner soft boards, body boards and wetsuits for hire, and we will deliver to you at your accommodation on the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast, and pick up at the end of your stay.

Couldn’t be easier! 

And with so many awesome beaches to explore along the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and further  down along the Byron Coast, you may want to hire some soft racks for the car.

It really is a beautiful time of year in Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Get in the water. Your kids will remember that winter surf trip  forever!🏄‍♂️


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